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About Us

Our Discipleship School, House of Doctrine is the engine room of the church where men and women are grounded in the Faith and prepared for kingdom service.

Our discipleship class is called B.A.S.I.C. (Becoming A Soldier In Christ).
Completion of the discipleship classes is a prerequisite to becoming a member and serving in church.



The Helping Hands Ministry is a biblical ministry in Inspiration Life Community Church. It is very vital to the effectual running of the church and plays a key role in the success of every church service. Their responsibilities are varied and all-encompassing; from helping with vehicular traffic, to directing human traffic, maintain order in church, taking attendance, helping to facilitate the collection of offerings, responding to the needs of the Pastor and his wife, and serving in the visitors’ lounge, to mention a few.

Helping Hands has under it, sub-units which include – Ushers, Greeters, Security, Protocol, and others (as the church grows and as the need arises).
Gatekeepers is our Intercessory Ministry. It is made up of people who love the Lord, people of prayer and who are mighty in the scriptures. The ministry is called to help bear up the hands of the Lead Pastor in prayers and to continually lift the Church and its activities to God in prayers.
Becoming a soldier in Christ (B.A.S.I.C.) class is the first level of our Discipleship School, HOUSE OF DOCTRINE (H.O.D.).
It is an eight-week course taught by the Pastoral and Ministerial Staff, and we currently have two (2) facilitators.
People matter to God and they must matter to us. Everybody God brings to ILCC is important and we must communicate that sense of significance to them.
The Ministry of Visitation (CONNECT) is a process of extending God’s love to people. It is planting, cultivating, and nurturing relationships with people so they will reach out to Jesus and come into a vibrant and on-going relationship with Him.
The media ministry is an outreach ministry. The sharing of information is the primary objective of communication. As technology advanced, electronic media replaced the old tradition. The Scripture bears the record, “Declare ye among the nations, and publish, and set up a standard; publish, and conceal it not…” (Jeremiah 50:2). With a global mission awaiting us, it is imperative that the Church of God not overlook this window of opportunity which God has provided for Her. There are no doubts that the internet and electronic media serves as a powerful tool by which God’s church will be empowered to fulfill the commission enacted by the Lord over two thousand years prior to our present age.

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